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Dublin Patio Cleaning: How To Keep Your Front And Back Yard Clean

If you live in Dublin, Ireland and your patio needs a cleaning, or if you’re looking for a good patio cleaning service provider in the Dublin area, then check out Maguire Green Clean.

The Benefits of a Clean Patio

A clean patio can provide many benefits for your home. It can improve the appearance of your property, increase its value, and make it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors. A well-maintained patio can also extend the life of your furniture and other outdoor items.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when cleaning your patio. First, always start by removing any debris such as leaves or twigs. This will help prevent dirt and grime from building up on your surfaces. Next, use a mild soap and water solution to scrub down all of the hard surfaces. Be sure to rinse away any soap residue with a garden hose or pressure washer. Finally, apply a sealant to help protect your patio from the elements and prevent future staining.

How to Keep a Patio Clean

To keep your patio clean, start by sweeping it with a broom to remove any dirt or debris. Then, use a hose to rinse off any remaining dirt and debris. Finally, use a power washer to remove any stubborn dirt or debris.

Types of Paving Materials

There are a variety of paving materials that can be used for patios, including concrete, brick, stone, and pavers. Each type of material has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Concrete is one of the most popular choices for patios because it’s durable and easy to maintain. However, it can crack over time and doesn’t always look as attractive as other options.

Brick is another popular option for patios because it’s classic and timeless. However, it can be more expensive than concrete and requires more maintenance.

Stone is a beautiful option for patios but it’s also the most expensive. It’s important to choose a stone that’s appropriate for your climate since some types are more susceptible to weathering than others.

Pavers are a great choice if you want an affordable patio with a lot of personality. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, and they’re easy to install yourself. However, they can be more difficult to clean than other options.

Tools You’ll Need

In order to keep your Dublin patio clean, you will need a few tools. First, you will need a power washer. This can be rented from most home improvement stores. Next, you will need a stiff brush and some detergent specifically designed for outdoor cleaning. You may also want to invest in a pressurewasher attachment that can make the job much easier. Finally, make sure you have plenty of hose to reach all areas of your patio.

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of patio cleaning in Dublin can vary depending on the size and condition of your patio. Generally, it will cost between €50 and €100 to have a professional clean your patio. If you have a large or heavily soiled patio, the cost may be higher.


We hope that this guide has been helpful in teaching you how to keep your Dublin patio clean. Remember, a little bit of effort goes a long way in maintaining a spotless front and back yard. With these tips, you’ll be sure to enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come.

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The Best Way To Pressure Wash Your Decking In Just 6 Steps

Maguire Green Clean are professionals when it comes to pressure washing decking in Dublin.Pressure washing decks is an important upkeep task that every homeowner should do annually to keep your deck looking good.

Step 1: Consider your decking size

No matter what type of decking you have, the first step in pressure washing your deck is to determine the size. This will help you determine the amount of pressure and water you’ll need to effectively clean your deck. If your deck is small, you can use a standard garden hose with a nozzle attachment. For larger decks, you’ll need a pressure washer.

Once you know the size of your deck, it’s time to start pressure washing. Begin by wetting down your deck with a garden hose or pressure washer. Be sure to start from the top and work your way down. This will help prevent streaking and ensure that all dirt and debris are removed.

For best results, use a wide-angle nozzle when pressure washing your deck. This will help evenly distribute the water and prevent any damage to your decking material. When using a pressure washer, always start with the lowest setting and slowly increase the pressure if needed. Remember, too much pressure can damage your decking material!

Step 2: Prepare the pressure washer for the job

If you’re going to be pressure washing your decking, you’ll need to take a few preparatory steps first. First, make sure that the pressure washer is properly set up and that all of the hoses and connections are secure. Next, fill the pressure washer’s reservoir with the appropriate amount of water for the job. Finally, add the required amount of detergent or cleaner to the reservoir. Once all of these steps have been completed, you’re ready to begin pressure washing your deck!

Step 3: Start with a gentle spray

Assuming you have a pressure washer, start with a gentle spray. You don’t want to use too much pressure and damage the decking. Just hold the pressure washer nozzle about a foot from the surface of the deck and make sure the tip is pointing down at a 45-degree angle. Move the nozzle in a sweeping motion across the entire surface of the deck.

Step 4: Apply soap to the area you are washing

If you’re pressure washing your decking, you’ll want to make sure that you apply soap to the area before you start. This will help to remove any dirt or grime that may be on the surface.

To do this, simply add some pressure washing soap to your pressure washer and then turn it on. Apply the soap to the area you’re going to be washing and then let it sit for a few minutes. This will help to loosen up any dirt or grime that’s on the surface.

Step 5: Slowly increase pressure on the downstroke

If you’re using a pressure washer for the first time, it’s important to get a feel for how much pressure it exerts. Slowly increase the pressure on the downstroke while holding the wand about six inches from the surface of your decking. Be careful not to hold the wand too close to the surface, as this can damage the wood. As you increase the pressure, you’ll see the dirt and grime start to loosen and lift away from the wood. Continue increasing the pressure until you reach a comfortable level that removes all of the dirt and grime without damaging the wood.

Step 6: Rinse and repeat

Now that you know the best way to pressure wash your decking, it’s time to get out there and start cleaning! Remember to always start with a low pressure setting and work your way up if needed. Be sure to rinse the decking thoroughly after washing to remove any soap residue. Repeat this process as needed to keep your deck looking its best.

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Professional Dublin Cobblelock Cleaning Services

The beauty of Dublin’s cobbled streets is something we all love. But, we know that it’s not always easy to keep them looking great, especially when the harsh winter weather sets in. This year, a new and innovative way to help the situation has been launched – professional Dublin cobblelock cleaning services! These services will ensure that your cobbles are clean and fresh all year round.

What is a cobblelock?

A cobblelock is a type of paving that is made up of small, irregularly shaped stones that are held together with mortar. Cobblelocks are often used in outdoor areas such as patios, driveways, and walkways. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on the surface of cobblelocks, making them look dull and dirty.

professional Dublin cobblelock cleaning services can help to restore the original beauty of your cobblelock paving. Our team of experienced cleaners will use the latest equipment and techniques to clean your cobblelocks without damaging them. We also offer a sealing service that will protect your cobblelocks from future staining and wear.

How do you clean a cobblelock?

Assuming you are asking how to clean a dirty cobblelock driveway or patio, the following tips will help you get the job done:

  1. Start by sweeping the area to remove any loose dirt and debris.
  2. Next, use a pressure washer to remove any stubborn dirt and grime. Be sure to hold the nozzle about a foot away from the surface to avoid damaging the cobblestones.
  3. Finally, scrub the area with a stiff brush and soapy water to remove any remaining dirt and grime. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry completely before walking on it or allowing vehicles to drive on it.

Dublin cobblelock cleaning services

If you’re looking for a professional Dublin cobblelock cleaning service, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide range of cobblelock cleaning services to suit your needs and budget.

Our team of experienced and certified cleaners will work diligently to clean your cobblelock surfaces, removing all dirt, grime and moss build-up. We use only the best equipment and techniques to ensure a thorough clean.

We understand that every customer has different needs, so we offer a range of packages to choose from. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, we have a package that’s right for you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started!

The benefits of a professional cobblelock cleaning

If you have a cobblelock driveway, patio or path, then you’ll know how difficult it is to keep it looking clean and tidy. There are many benefits to having a professional cobblelock cleaning service, which include:

  1. Your cobblelock will be cleaned using specialised equipment and detergents, which will remove all the dirt, grime and moss.
  2. Your cobblelock will be safe from any damage that could be caused by using pressure washers or harsh chemicals.
  3. Your cobblelock will be left looking like new, with a fresh and clean appearance.
  4. You’ll extend the life of your cobblelock by having it regularly cleaned by professionals.
  5. You’ll increase the value of your property by keeping your cobblelock in good condition.
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Make Your Driveway Look Like New With A Professional Driveway Cleaning Service In Dublin

If you’re looking for a reliable company that offers professional driveway cleaning services in Dublin, look no further! The professionals at Maguire Green Clean have years of experience and use the latest methods to keep your home’s exterior looking its best. We offer affordable rates and free estimates, so contact us today for a free estimate!

What are the benefits of professional driveway cleaning?

If your home is in need of a little TLC, professional driveway cleaning services in Dublin can help. Not only will your home look its best, but you’ll also enjoy a number of benefits.

First and foremost, professional driveway cleaning can prolong the life of your driveway. Over time, driveways can become cracked and stained. By having them cleaned on a regular basis, you’ll prevent this wear and tear from happening.

In addition to prolonging the life of your driveway, professional driveway cleaning can also improve its appearance. If your driveway is stained or has cracks, it can be an eyesore. A professional cleaner will be able to get rid of those stains and restore your driveway to its original condition.

Finally, professional driveway cleaning can save you money in the long run. If you don’t have your driveway cleaned regularly, you may find yourself having to replace it sooner than you’d like. By keeping it clean, you’ll avoid this costly replacement.

Does it damage my driveway?

If you’re considering having your driveway professionally cleaned, you might be wondering if the process could damage your pavement. The good news is that professional driveway cleaning services use high-powered equipment that is gentle on your driveway. In fact, this type of cleaning can actually prolong the life of your pavement by removing dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can cause wear and tear.

What is the process of professional driveway cleaning?

If you are considering having your driveway professionally cleaned, there are a few things you should know about the process. First, it is important to understand that professional driveway cleaning is different than pressure washing your driveway yourself. Pressure washing can be effective in removing some dirt and debris, but it will not clean your driveway as thoroughly as a professional service.

When you hire a professional driveway cleaning service, they will use specialized equipment to clean your driveway more thoroughly. This equipment includes high-powered pressure washers and rotary cleaners that can remove all the dirt, grime, and other build-up on your driveway. The professionals also have access to cleaners and chemicals that are not available to consumers, which means they can really get your driveway looking like new again.

The process of professional driveway cleaning usually takes a few hours, depending on the size of your driveway and the amount of build-up that needs to be removed. However, it is worth the wait because you will be left with a sparkling clean driveway that looks just like new.

Why should I hire a professional company to clean my driveway?

When it comes to choosing a professional company to clean your driveway, there are many benefits to consider. First and foremost, a professional company will have the experience and expertise to properly clean your driveway without damaging it. They will also have the proper equipment and cleaning products to get the job done right.

Another benefit of hiring a professional company to clean your driveway is that they can typically get the job done much faster than you could on your own. This is especially helpful if you have a large driveway or one that is difficult to reach. Additionally, professionals will often offer a warranty on their work, so you can feel confident that your driveway will look great for years to come.

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How To Find The Best Power Washing Company For Your Home Or Business

Homeowners tend to neglect their homes due to busy schedules, but it’s important to take care of your home if you want it to last. One way to keep your home in good condition is power washing the outside of the building. There are a lot of companies that offer power washing services, so how can you find the best one for your needs? Check out this article to learn some tips on how do this!

What should you look for in a power washing company?

When it comes to finding the best power washing company for your home or business, you want to make sure that you look for one that has a good reputation. You can ask around to see if anyone you know has used their services before and if they were happy with the results. You can also read online reviews to get an idea of what others have thought about the company.

It’s also important to find a power washing company that uses high-quality equipment. This way, you can be sure that your home or business will be properly cleaned. Make sure to ask about the type of equipment they use and whether or not it’s appropriate for the job you need done.

Finally, you’ll want to find a power washing company that offers a fair price. Get quotes from several companies before making your final decision so that you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

How much does it cost to use a professional power washing company?

If you are wondering how much it costs to use a professional power washing company, the answer will depend on a few factors. The first factor is the size of your home or business. The second factor is the type of service you need. For example, if you need a one-time deep cleaning, the cost will be higher than if you just need a regular maintenance cleaning. The third factor is the location of your home or business. Power washing companies typically charge more for homes and businesses located in high-traffic areas or with difficult access. Finally, the fourth factor is the level of experience and expertise of the power washing company you choose. Generally speaking, more experienced and reputable companies will charge more for their services.

Now that you know some of the factors that affect cost, let’s take a look at some average price ranges for different types of power washing services. For general cleaning and maintenance, most companies charge between $0.15 and $0.30 per square foot. For deep cleaning services, prices start at around $0.35 per square foot and can go up to $0.50 per square foot or more for very large jobs or difficult to reach areas. If you have a large home or commercial property, expect to pay several thousand dollars for professional power washing services.

To get an accurate estimate of what it will cost to have your home or business professionally power washed, contact several local companies and request quotes based on the specific services you need and

What is power washing and how does it work?

Power washing is the process of using a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt, grime, and other build-up from surfaces. Power washing is an effective way to clean exterior surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, decks, and patios. It can also be used to clean the exterior of your home or business.

Power washing machines have a pump that increases the pressure of the water coming out of the hose. The pressure is what does the work of cleaning the surface. The high pressure breaks up the dirt and grime so that it can be rinsed away easily.

To power wash a surface, you will need to use a detergent specifically designed for power washing. These detergents are usually mixed with water in a bucket before being added to the machine. Once you have added the detergent to the machine, you will need to turn it on and hold the trigger down to direct the stream of water at the surface you want to clean. Start at one end of the surface and move slowly across it in a back and forth motion until you have covered the entire area.

Once you have finished power washing, it is important to rinse away any remaining detergent with clean water. You can do this by attached a garden hose to the machine and running it over the area you just cleaned.

Things to be careful of when hiring a power washing company

When hiring a power washing company, there are a few things to be careful of. Make sure to do your research and read reviews before hiring anyone. There are a lot of scams out there, so be wary of anyone who seems too good to be true or who doesn’t have any positive reviews.

Also, make sure to get everything in writing before the work is done. Get an estimate of the cost and the timeline for the project so that there are no surprises later on. And finally, make sure that the company you hire is insured and licensed. This will protect you in case anything goes wrong during the project.

Tips for choosing the best power washing service for your home or business in Dublin and surrounding counties.

If you are looking for a power washing company in Dublin or the surrounding counties, there are some things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips for choosing the best power washing service for your home or business:

  1. Make sure the company is experienced and reputable. Ask for references and check online reviews to get an idea of what others have thought of their experience with the company.
  2. Be sure to get an estimate in writing before work begins. This will help avoid any surprises down the road and will give you a good idea of what the final cost will be.
  3. Ask about the company’s guarantee or warranty policy. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected in case something goes wrong.
  4. Make sure the company uses high-quality equipment and products. This will ensure that your property is well-protected and that the job is done right the first time.
  5. Find out what kind of payment options are available. Some companies may offer discounts for paying upfront, so be sure to ask about this possibility.

By following these tips, you can be confident that you’re choosing the best possible power washing company for your needs in Dublin and the surrounding counties!