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Gutter Cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning is one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs on a property as people often think “if I can’t see the dirt, there isn’t a problem!”. However, gutters cleaning should take place at least once-a-year to avoid blockages that can cause serious damage to your property.

A clean gutter keeps your home protected. However, over time the gutter gets filled with dirt, leaves, dust, debris and more, resulting in a clogged gutter. When water gets blocked it eventually soaks through the ceiling and walls of your home. If not fixed on time, it may get worse and cause electrical hazards due to water soaks within your home. We at Maguire Green Clean suggest you get your gutters cleaned regularly, at least once or twice a year.

5 Steps to our 5-Star gutter cleaning service

Gutter cleaning is our speciality, and we pride ourselves on our system of cleaning. Below is a step by step outline of what you can expect when we come to your home for your gutter cleaning service.

Step 1

We remove all moss, leaves, silt and other debris from gutter in-fills using our gutter VAC system.

Step 2

We clean all the fascia & soffit using our reach and wash system.

Step 3

We test each downpipe to ensure that it is clear. Note: if the downpipe is blocked we will flush it clear using a high-powered hose. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to disassemble the elbow and unclog the blockage if necessary.

We can also install Downpipe Guards — A downpipe guard will help your downpipes from getting clogged in between cleaning.(Ask for information when booking the service)

Step 4

We clean all the external windows & frames on your property.

Step 5

We clean up any debris surrounding your property and dispose of it properly. We leave your gutters and the surrounding area “spotless!!”

Usually in the winter due to frozen gutters, burst pipes and other weather related disasters significant damage occurs to a building. If you do not want to experience such an experience, then utilise 5 step 5-star gutter cleaning service on a regular scheduled basis. By signing up for our annual maintenance contract you won’t have to worry about gutters getting clogged up in the future.

We also provide services to

  •  Commercial properties
  •  Property management companies
  •  Business owners
  •  Grounds and maintenance managers
  •  Retail Parks
  •  Schools, office’s, hotels and much more

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